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Uploading videos to Nestor​

How should I save a video file before I upload it? 

The easiest way to save your (lecture) video is in mp4. Make sure that it is saved as an .mp4 file, so there are no complications later in Nestor or other platforms. If you would like to share your videos outside of Nestor, please have a look at our Sharing video content with students help document.

How do I upload my video to Nestor? (using P2Go)

It’s possible to upload your own videos to the P2Go server in order to make them available through Nestor.

How do I upload my video to P2Go?

In order to do so, click Video Upload (P2Go) which is available under your Course Tools. In this screen, you can upload your file and enter a few fields:

  • Title: The title under which the video will be uploaded to the server

  • Description (optional): A short description about your video

  • Faculty (optional): Please select your faculty in this field.

    • This setting could potentially help other people to find your video in the future.

You can upload your file via the green “Add File” button.

There are a few points which may require your attention:

  • Only video files are supported. If you upload an audio file or a .zip file, it will look like the file has been uploaded, even though it will not be processed.

  • It may take up to 24 hours before your videos are available, as they still have to be processed.

  • Videos are secured, and are only accessable through a Content Area within Nestor, meaning that you cannot use them in PowerPoint or on another website.

Once the video has been uploaded it can be published in the course, either via a P2Go List or P2Go Item. This process is similar to adding lecture recordings to a Nestor course. 

Using P2GO in Nestor.

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