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FeedBackFruits Interactive Document​


FeedbackFruits (FBF) Interactive Document is a Social Annotation tool; an online platform that offers groups of students a platform to discuss and learn about academic texts without the limitations of space and time. 


Interactive Document lets you upload a document and add practice questions or comments to it. Students answer these questions or place their own questions and comments. It also allows them to interact and respond to each other's comments or questions. Practice questions help you and students gauge their comprehension of the articles contents. Furthermore, questions and comments can help guide students to the most important arguments in the document, or jump start online discussions about its contents so that students are better prepared for class. To set up a FeedbackFruits Interactive Document assignment follow the instructions below. 

There is a procedure in place to check course literature with the library to make sure no copyright violations occur. E-books in particular may have limitations regarding the extent they can be used in FeedbackFruits. Once the copyrights for your course literature have been cleared, the materials can be used in your course. As a rule of thumb, most literature that can be found in the UoG library systems can be used in FeedbackFruits as well. If you would like to use a title that is not in the library system, please contact the UB on  to check whether that title is available. For more information on the use of copyrighted materials in education, please visit the website of the University Library on this topic.


Step 1: you need to make sure that Feedback Fruits is enabled in your Nestor Course. For this go to Customization - Tool Availability and select the FeedbackFruits option of your choice (when available in Nestor).

Step 2: In the content area go to “build content” and select “Feedback fruits Interactive document”. Give it a title and select Enable Evaluation if you wish for scores from FeedbackFruits to be sent to the Grade Centre, and finally hit enter. This will create a link which will take you or your students to the online FBF environment. Once the link is created click on it to enter the online environment. 

Step 3: Once you are in the online environment you will have the option to either watch an instruction video or “get started”. If you are new to FBF then it might be good to watch the video. Once you are ready, click “get started”.

Step 4: From here on the steps are fairly straightforward. At the top of the screen, you can give the assignment a title.

Step 5: Upload a document or paste a link to choose a document from the internet. Optionally you can click on the plus to add reading instructions. Then publish the document.

Step 6: once the document is published you can adjust the setting of the document by pressing ‘settings’. You can for example disable the download of the material or let students make annotations anonymously. 

Step 7: Afterwards, you can add questions or discussion topics. You can add them by clicking on a certain part of the text, then hold and drag the mouse in order to make the highlighted areas bigger or smaller (see image below). The question can be made mandatory, this way students can only read further once they have answered the question. You can add a discussion topic by selecting “discussion topic” instead of “practice question”. Once you are finished you can publish the question/discussion topic.

Step 8: If you need to edit the assignment after saving, please go to the three dots in the top right corner and press ‘Edit’.

Whom to contact?

FeedbackFruits is easy to set up by teachers themselves (see instructions). If you need support, you can contact the FeedbackFruits Help Center or please contact Nestorsupport. For direct and quick support on the assignment in FeedbackFruits itself, you can also contact with Nestorsupport in cc.

Contact EDU Support or your faculty's Embedded Expert from ESI for tailored didactic advice in using these suggestions in your teaching. For technical assistance please contact Nestorsupport.

More information

FeedbackFruits Interactive Document is an alternative for Perusall. Some differences are:

  • Analytics: Perusall offers teachers more extensive analytics on student’s comments than FeedbackFruits Interactive Document to be used while preparing a lecture or session. 

  • Scoring system. The scoring of the annotations in FeedbackFruits is not as extensive as in Perusall. In FbF a student can receive points for participation, whereas Perusall works with an algorithm that also scores the annotations on their quality. Perusall also offers holistic grading which enables teachers to (partially) grade students' interactions and collaborative effort. 

  • The set-up of Feedbackfruits is a little easier for teachers without the help of Nestorsupport. 

Though it is written towards the use of Perusall, many didactical principles of the Active Learning Template apply to the use of Feedbackfruits Interactive Document. 



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