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Wikis allow course members to contribute and modify one or more pages of course-related materials and provide a means of sharing and collaboration. Course members can create and edit pages quickly, and track changes and additions, which allows for effective collaboration between multiple writers. Wikis can be made available for everyone in the course to work on together, or, if using the Course Groups - Advanced Group Tool   , as a tool for specific groups to collaborate on. They work best for projects that can be broken into “chunks” with designated sections.

Where to find Wikis?

Make sure wikis are available under “tool availability”, which can be found under: “course management” → “customization” → “tool availability”.

  1. Wikis can be found in any content area. Once you are in a content area you can find the wiki under “Tools”.

  2. Alternatively Wikis can also be found under “Course management” → “Course tools” → “wikis”.

Instructions for creating a Wiki

If you use the first option (above) to create a wiki you will first be shown a window where you have to select “create a new wiki” and then create a new wiki, before you get sent to the wikis listing. If you use the second option, you will immediately be redirected to the wikis listing from where you can create. a new wiki by pressing the “create wiki” button. The listing should look similar to this:

When you select “create wiki” you will be presented with a few fields of which only the “title” is a required field. Next to the title you can select the usual date restrictions under “wiki date and time restrictions”. Also you can select the participation under “wiki participation”, where you have the options:

  • closed to editing: students cannot edit this wiki.

  • open to editing: students can edit this wiki.

  • closed to commenting: students cannot comment on each other / the wiki pages.

  • open to commenting: students can comment on each other / the wiki pages.

Lastly you can select if you want he wiki to be graded or not under “wiki settings”. Once you are done click submit the wiki will be listed on the wikis listing page. On the listing page, you can click a wiki title to open it. This should look similar to the image below:

For wikis with no grading, click participation summary to view who contributed and information about the contributors. For graded wikis, you can view and grade student contributions by clicking “participation and grading”. On the participation summary page , you can view the participation for the students who have contributed to the wiki. In the side panel, you can find information about the wiki. Students with contributions ready for grading appear with an exclamation mark.

Add a wiki link to course menu

You can add a link to the course menu for instant access to the wikis tool. You can also customize the name of the link.

  1. Select the plus sign above the course menu. The Add Menu Item list appears.

  2. Select Tool Link and type a Name for the link.

  3. From the Type list, select Wikis.

  4. Select the Available to Users check box.

  5. Select Submit.

Some ideas for using wikis

  • Collaborating on course glossary

  • Exploration of case studies

  • Building a class bibliography or resource repository

  • Documenting lab experiments or reports

  • Sharing student work (ie: presentation files, etc.)

  • Developing ideas for article or book writing

  • Determining key concepts and important course information to create a class study guide

  • Collaborating on group annotation assignments

Nice to know

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