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Self and Peer Assessment​

Using the Self and Peer Assessment tool within Blackboard is not advised, as it poses some problems if not all students participate. For the lecturer, assessing the reviews is quite complex. It is advised to use Peerceptiv in these cases.

If the Self and Peer Assessment option is not shown under Assessments, head to Course Management > Customization > Tool Availability and make sure the Self and Peer Assessment tool is visible, by ticking the boxes as shown below. Remember to click Submit at the bottom of the page to save the ticked boxes!

Adding a Self and Peer Assessment to a Content Area

  • Open the course to which you want to add the Self and Peer Assessment.

  • Make sure that the Edit Mode in the top right corner is set to On.

  • Navigate to the Content Area where you want to create the Self and Peer Assessment or create a Content Area by clicking on the "+". If you cannot see the "+", the Edit Mode is set to Off.

  • Click on Assessments and click on Self and Peer Assessment

Setting up a Self and Peer Assessment

In this section, the available options in the Self and Peer Assessment will be briefly visited.

Create New or Import

Assessment Information

In the field Name, enter the name of the assessment and, if necessary, write a clarification in the field Instructions. The name will also be recorded in the Grade Center! Using submission dates, determine the period of time in which the assessment will be available using Start Date and End Date and time.

Self and Peer Evaluation Options

Using Evaluation Dates, determine the period of time in which the evaluation should be filled in using Start Date and End Date and time. If only self-assessment is needed, choose for 0 at Number of Submissions to Evaluate.


Under Make the assessment available, check Yes if the evaluation should be visible to students. Here you can also determine the period of time in which the evaluation is available using Display After and Display Until. Finally, click the button Submit to save the assessment.

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