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Add YouTube video to Nestor.

Do not upload your own videos to YouTube
Please upload your own videos through Nestor by following the steps available on the following page: Uploading videos to Nestor.

Did you find a video on YouTube which you want to share within your Nestor course?

For who?

YouTube videos can be a powerful learning tool used to explain complicated concepts in a short clip which students can watch at any given moment. Another advantage is that students can go back to a specific part of a clip if they think that some parts of a video are just hard to understand. Videos can also be used to provide general information or provide more feeling to a specific topic.

How to?

You can go to any Content Area and select Build Content → YouTube Video. You’ll be provided with a search screen, in which you are supposed to search the video that you want to add. You can either search for a video’s title, or you can enter the link to the YouTube video.

Once you have found the video, you can click the Select button. You will be redirected to another screen where you can configure some fields for the item that will be created in your course.

  • Name: This is the title that will show up in Nestor.

  • Description (optional): A brief description what the video is about.

  • View: This is how the video will be displayed in your course.

    • Thumbnail: This will create an item where the thumbnail is showed, you will be able to click a button “Watch Video” which will open a pop-up where the video can be watched.

    • Text Link with Player: This will create a simple link to the YouTube video.

    • Embeded Video: This will embed the video to your course, meaning that the video can be played through Nestor and the user will not have to leave the page. The video cannot be played in full screen if you use this option.

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