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H5P is a set of digital components that you can use to create content for your students to work with on their own in Nestor. This can give your students opportunities to prepare for class, for example by assessing their (prior) knowledge and skills. Activating prior knowledge is a proven way of helping your students learn better, and by providing H5P content you can help your students with this. 

There are about 30 different content types available in H5P, but not all of them are equally useful. Most useful are Interactive Video, Image Hotspots, Flash Cards, and Virtual Tour.


You don’t need anything else besides a modern web browser to use H5P. H5P is fully integrated in Nestor and is therefore available in every Nestor course.

  1. To access and create H5P items, go to the Build Content menu item in your Nestor course as shown in the following picture:

  1. When you click H5P, you are automatically directed and signed in to the H5P environment. Here you will see your personal library of H5P items, which at first will look empty. This is how it would look like:

Items you create here can be inserted into any Nestor course you want. You can reuse a certain item, or clone (copy) it and then adapt it. It is also possible to share your H5P items with other teachers within our university so that they are able to use it in their Nestor courses. You could even create a partly-filled template of a certain content type that you or your colleagues can reuse in Nestor courses.

Problem during insertion

Some users are experiencing problems while inserting content from H5P into Nestor. Once you click on the “Insert” or “Save and Insert” button in H5P, you will be redirected to an error screen. A temporarily workaround is to create the content in H5P, close the H5P tabblad, logout from Nestor, login to Nestor again and insert the item from H5P. The issue has been identified by the supplier and will be fixed in an upcoming update.

(Last update: 13 April 2021 by Nestorsupport)

The first thing you can do on this screen is create an H5P item via one of the two the big blue Add Content buttons. See below for some more information on creating H5P content.


When you click Add Content, a screen appears with all the content types that are available for you to use:

As was already mentioned, there are quite a few content types here. The most useful are Interactive Video, Image Hotspots, Flash Cards and also Virtual Tour

 Example of an interactive video

Teachers at the faculty of Arts have used Interactive Video to their advantage. In language training they often use fragments of movies. With the use of interactive video they added questions on certain points in those fragments where students have to answer a question to see if they really have understood what was said.

You can see a very insightful example here.

 Example of  image hotspots

With using image hotspots, you can provide your students with an opportunity to test themselves on certain aspects of your visual learning content, for example by means of a photograph, diagram, or even maybe a mathematical formula. You can highlight certain areas on the photo where you could give additional information or ask a question.

See this working example here.

The remaining content types should be quite self-explanatory for most users. You can always find detailed tutorials here.

Considerations for choosing H5P

There a few things that are useful to know in regards to choosing H5P for your course:

  1. When using the Chrome browser, it might be that some extensions will interfere with the proper functioning. This behavior has been seen with extensions for screencasting (eg Screencastify). So please turn off these extensions when you want to work with H5P.

  2. H5P has a lot of functionalities which means here are some content types that are actually quite similar to functions already available in our standard Nestor environment. We want you to be aware of that:

    1. We would recommend using the Quiz from within Nestor, instead of the Quiz in H5P.

    2. Also refrain from using items such as Collage, Multiple Choice and True/False, since there are similar alternatives within Nestor available.

  3. When you want your students to work together with an interactive video, you should not be using H5P. Then you should use the Interactive video part of FeedbackFruits.

  4. It is possible to connect the results of your students on H5P content directly into the Grade Center. This can be useful if you want to see how your students are doing, and you want to follow up on this in your lecturing moments. 

  5. The University of Groningen has a license for using H5P until June 2021. We would be very interested in your experiences with H5P to make an informed decision on a possible extension of this license.

  6. Please note that Medical Sciences (UMCG) has their own installation of H5P. Please be aware that it works slightly differently.

  7. Be aware that you can create content for free via, but this content will become publicly available on the internet, so refrain from using this.

Whom to contact?

Contact EDU Support or your faculty's Embedded Expert from ESI for tailored didactic advice in using these suggestions in your teaching. For technical assistance please contact Nestorsupport.

More information

Helpful H5P tutorials can be found via this link: 

Examples of all content types can be accessed via: 

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