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Student pledge

The student pledge is a declaration that students can sign before taking an exam. When signing the student pledge, the student declares that they understand the implications of a take home exam and that they will complete their work autonomously, using only tools and aids that the examiner allows.

You can make the student pledge a prerequisite that students are required to sign before they can even enter the exam.

Attention! If your exam takes place as a digital exam in the Aletta Jacobs Hall this is not applicable for your exam.

Set up the student pledge as a prerequisite to enter the exam

  1. Go to the ‘Exam/Tentamen’ folder

  2. Use the drop down menu next to ‘Manage Folder Exam/Tentamen’ and choose Edit Folder Properties

  3. Scroll down to the section ‘Pledge’ and check the box ‘Yes’ behind ‘Enable Pledge’.

  4. After you checked ‘Yes’ the text of the student pledge will appear. The text can be adapted. The option to let the students fill in their name is set up by default. It is also possible to let students enter their phone number. Add [PhoneNumber] to the text in the place where you want students to fill that in. 

  5. Click Submit to save the settings. 

Students now can only enter the exam when they fill in and submit the student pledge.

Check the submitted student pledges

It is possible to check the submitted student pledges.

  1. Go to the ‘Exam/Tentamen’ folder

  2. Use the drop down menu next to ‘Manage Folder Exam/Tentamen’ and choose View Pledges.

  3. You will see a list of students who signed the pledge, with their name, username, the date and time and the data they entered in the pledge.

Whom to contact?

For further information about exams and the help we can provide, please email our team at

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