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Support during the exam

While the Assessment Support Team will help you set up your exam prior to the actual time, Nestorsupport is the team that then takes over and provides technical support during your exam. They are present in the Aletta Jacobs Hall for digital exams, and for online support they are available in a special Blackboard Collaborate session if you encounter any technical difficulties. In that case, you will receive the link to the Blackboard Collaborate session and more information from Assessment Support.

Support for Urgent Matters

Nestorsupport is available to help with urgent problems during the exam that need immediate action.
To contact them, you will receive a link to a Blackboard Collaborate sessions from the facilitator of your exam. Note that all teachers have access to this session.
To ensure quick and accurate support, share your exam code with Nestorsupport once you enter the session (you can find this code next to the name of your exam, e.g. EXAM-P12345-20210101).

  • Please note that the link to this Blackboard Collaborate session should not be shared with students. 

  • Students cannot directly send an email to with questions about their exam. When our support team does receive a message from a student, they will ask them to contact the examiner directly.
    Nestorsupport does not have the right to make decisions about your exam - only you as an examiner can. 

  • Please add your contact information to the exam instructions, so that students know how to reach you during the exam.

Common Issues & Questions from Students

Fortunately most online exams encounter no problems. But it is impossible to rule out problems entirely, both for online exams and exams on location. Thankfully, most issues have a simple fix.
Students primarily have questions at the start and end of the exam.
Here are some of the most frequent issues:

  • Students may already enter the exam course prior to the start of the exam. The exam questions will not be visible yet. Students then press the F5 refresh button repeatedly, so they might start at the exact moment the exam is scheduled to appear.
    Unfortunately, refreshing with F5 does not work correctly and will not make the exam appear.
    Students who come to you with this question can be told the following: Click the Nestor 'Refresh' button in the menu on the top left side of the screen. If that does not work log out and back in to Nestor.

  • Sometimes students have not been enrolled which means they cannot see the exam course. This is usually because they registered in Progress at a very late stage.
    If a student comes to you with this question you can manually enroll them by going to 'Users and Groups' -> 'Users' -> 'Enroll Users'. This is the quickest solution.
    If you are unsure how to do this then you can contact Nestorsupport in the Blackboard Collaborate session and they will enroll the student for you.

    • Note: if this student is entitled to extra time, you also need to add them to the group of extra-time-students in the exam course.
      You can do this by going to ‘Users and Groups’ -> ‘Groups’ -> click on the grey circle next to the group name and select ‘Manual Enroll/Unenroll’

  • Sometimes students are still answering a question when the exam ends. They can be afraid that their answers were lost if they did not save or submit before the exam time ran out. When students press save and submit, or refresh the page after time has run out they may see a screen that looks like an error message. This is not an error, this message appears because the exam end time has passed and the content is no longer available.
    If a student emails you with this concern, then you can reassure them: even partial answers or answers to Tests that have not been submitted yet, are saved. In case of an Essay Assignment: all typed text is saved every 2 minutes. In case of a (multiple choice) Test: all answers are saved every 10 seconds.

    • NOTE: An exception to this is when the student provides an answer at the very last moment and does not save their answer manually (either as a draft or by submitting it).
      In this case the auto-save feature may not save in time to include the very latest additions (it does so every 2 minutes for Essay Assignments). 

      • We recommend scheduling the exam for 2 additional minutes (e.g. until 13.02 if the intended end time is 13.00), to ensure all answers given in the allotted exam time are auto-saved.

    • If you use multiple choice questions, answers are auto-saved every 10 seconds. An answer can only be lost if students provide it within these very last seconds of the exam, and not manually save before time runs out.

    • NOTE: The above does not apply if you use the ‘essay question’ option within a Test. This open-ended question type is not auto-saved at a regular interval. Therefore it is possible that entire answers are lost if students do not submit them on time (or if they lose their internet connection during the exam). For this reason, we do not recommend using essay questions within a Test, but rather use the ‘Essay Assignment’ option.

Whom to contact?

For further information about exams and the help we can provide, please email our team at For technical assistance please email

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