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Contact all students

An announcement can be created to inform students about important matters of the exam.
By using an announcement you can make sure that every student, regardless of where they are working on the exam, can see your message during the exam. 

Create an announcement

  1. Go to the ‘Exam/Tentamen’ folder in your exam course and click on the item Announcements.

  2. Click on Create announcement.

  3. In the section ‘Announcement Information’ you can add your announcement. Enter a title for the announcement  in the field ‘Subject’. Enter the announcement text in the field ‘Message’. 

  4. In the section ‘Web Announcement Options’ it is possible to set a date restriction for the announcement. Be aware that ‘Date Restricted’ doesn’t work at this moment, so make sure you always use the ‘Not Date Restricted’ setting.  

  5. The announcement(s) will appear when students enter the course (if the announcement is set up beforehand) or during the exam (it will appear as soon as the announcement is placed).

  6. If you want students to receive the announcement beforehand you can make sure the students get the message also directly in their mail. Check the box in front of ‘Send a copy of this announcement immediately’.

  7. The location in the section ‘Course Link’ can be left empty.

  8. Click on Submit to save your choices.

Visibility of the announcement

Students see the announcements in two places during the exam:

  1. On the page where students are working, they will see a pop-up in the lower right corner. The pop-up will stay visible until students close the message manually or until they return to the examen/tentamen folder

  2. The announcement is also visible in the ‘Exam/Tentamen’ folder under the item ‘Announcements’: 

  3. Optionally: if you check the Email Announcement option in the settings when making the announcement, students will receive an email immediately (even if they do not yet have access to the exam course, they will still receive the email immediately).

  4. The announcements stay available throughout the exam.

Whom to contact? 

For further information about exams and the help we can provide, please email our team at

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