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Exam Management Portal

The exam management portal is a tool for you to communicate with the facilitator. Please note, only teachers added to the portal can send messages. When you click on 'exam management’ and get an error, you are not registered. If you wish to do so, you can indicate this via

Add the module

  1. Log in to and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click on + Add Module.

  2. Scroll down the list until you find the module called ‘My Exams’.

  3. Click on Add underneath the module ‘My Exams’.

  4. Now the module ‘My Exams’ is added to your ‘Today’ page in Nestor.

Use the module 

  1. If you click on Go to the Exam Portal you get an overview of all your digital exams.  

  2. There are three different icons.
    - The exclamation mark, which means your action is required.
    - An envelope: with this button you can send a message to your facilitator.
    - The green arrow. You can click on the green arrow to open the current step in the exam process and fill in the questions or report your exam ready.

  3. The overview behind the green arrow differs for each stage of the exam process. For example, when you are done constructing the exam and you would like to report it ready for testing, you can click on the green arrow and give the facilitator a sign. 

Add a colleague to the Exam Portal

If you are added to the exam management portal, it is possible to add colleagues. 

  1. Go to the green arrow icon in your exam portal or to the menu ‘Exam management’ in your exam course and click on Add Instructor.

  2. Enter the username of your colleague in the ‘Instructor Username’ field and click on Submit.

  3. Your colleague is now added to the exam management portal and will be able to communicate with the facilitator of the exam.

Whom to contact?

For further information about exams and the help we can provide, please email our team at

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