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EDU Support Blackboard Instructor Assignments, Assessments & Exams Step 4: After the exam Request plagiarism check

Request plagiarism check

After the digital exam took place, you could be interested in a plagiarism report. The University of Groningen has two options for similarity checks. The first option is developed by the University and can be used for digital exams that contain essay questions. The RUG Exam Inspection tool can be performed on request.

The second option can be used for assignments and is performed by Ouriginal. You can add the similarity check on the assignments while creating them. The submissions will be automatically checked on plagiarism that way. Click here for more instructions about creating an assignment with Ourginal.

It’s now possible for teachers to upload documents for plagiarism manually. Submissions from essay assignments can be downloaded and then used for a plagiarism scan. More information about the Ouriginal Manual check can be found here.

The difference between the use of RUG Exam Inspection and Ouriginal is that only Ouriginal also looks at plagiarism from external sources. RUG Exam Inspection only looks at cross-postings.

By default RUG Exam Inspection is used. After sending the results of RUG Exam Inspection to the teacher, he or she could request to also use Ouriginal. However, due to the workload of Ouriginal, we recommend leaving it at RUG Exam Inspection!

RUG Exam Inspection

Requesting a plagiarism check of the exam using RUG Exam Inspection

It’s only possible to perform the RUG Exam Inspection for Exam Courses with Essay Questions! All other types of digital exams cannot be checked on plagiarism, even not by using Ouriginal.

Requesting an exam to be checked by RUG Exam Inspection can be done by the supervisor of the digital exam. 

When an instructor/teacher was added to the exam course in Nestor after the exam was checked by RUG Exam Inspection, the exam needs to be added to RUG Exam Inspection in order to grant access to the added instructor/teacher.

Requesting a check via RUG Exam Inspection

Send an email to with the request. Include the following information within the request:

  • Nestor Course ID of the Exam Course

  • Name and email address of the Teacher
    Those will be used to inform them about the plagiarism check.

After the check is done, you will receive an e-mail from Nestorsupport with information where you can see the results.

How to use RUG Exam Inspection and interpret the plagiarism report?

Please consult the RUG Exam Inspection user guide to see information on how to use RUG Exam Inspection and how to interpret the results of the plagiarism report.


Requesting a plagiarism check of the exam using Ouriginal

From Friday, 26 March 2021, the standard procedure has changed. From now on, checking digital exams for plagiarism will be standard procedure via RUG Exam Inspection.

If RUG Exam Inspection has been used you still want to requests the examination to be checked via Ouriginal, the manual below can be used.

The difference between the use of RUG Exam Inspection and Ouriginal is that only Ouriginal looks at plagiarism from external sources. RUG Exam Inspection only looks at cross-postings.

This manual will explain how digital exams can be checked on plagiarism using Ouriginal. The downloading of the submissions can be done by the supervisor of the digital exam. 

Part 1: downloading the student submissions 

Navigate to the folder Exam/Tentamen wherein the Exam has taken place. The Assessment folder will look something like this: 

Download submissions 

Tick the box(es) in front of the question(s) you would like to download (‘Question 1’ in the example below). Click on the button ‘Download’ and select ‘Download Submissions (Urkund)’. (The name of the button is still Urkund, but we use the program Ouriginal).

Part 2: upload the submissions to Ouriginal for a similarity check

If you downloaded the student submissions, follow the steps below to perform a scan:

  1. Select on course tools in the menu to the left side of the Nestor course

  2. Select Ouriginal manual check

  3. Select add documents

  4. Select open and select the downloaded student submissions

  5. Select submit

The student submissions will be checked by Ouriginal. For more information about the manual check, please check the Ouriginal manual check page. If you encounter a problem or have a question, please contact Nestorsupport.

Whom to contact?

For further information about exams and the help we can provide, please email our team of Digitaal Toetsen.

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