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P2Go video assignment Blackboard

The P2Go video assignment allows teacher to easily create video assignments for students. The P2Go video assignment is similar to a regular assignment, however this assignment allows the student to upload a video instead of a regular document. These videos can easily be watched and graded from inside your Nestor course.

Where to find the P2Go video assignment

Make sure P2Go video assignment is available under “tool availability”, which can be found under: “course management” → “customization” → “tool availability”.

The P2Go video assignment can be found in any content area. Once you are in a content area you can find the video assignment under “Assessments”.

Instructions for creating a P2Go video assignment

Once you have clicked on the option “P2Go video assignment”, a window will open which allows you to configure your video assignment. There are four required fields that need to be filled in:

  • Title: Enter a title for the video assignment.

  • Possible points: Enter the maximum amount of points a student can obtain for this assignment.

  • Repository: The repository will be configured automatically, so you won’t have to change anything here.

  • Title: There are multiple options for the title fields. Either you can use ‘Set by instructor’ and fill it out yourself, or have students enter a title using ‘Required for uploader’.

Next to these fields there are three more fields which are not required, but might be of interest to most teachers.

  • Due date: Enter the date at which the assignment is due.

  • Permit users to view this item: Choose “yes” to make this assignment visible to students and “no” to make it invisible.

  • Choose date restrictions: Here you can select the date restrictions for this assignment i.e. the timespan in which it will be visible for students.

Once you have configured the assignment to your needs, you can hit submit and the assignment will be created.

Accessing the video submissions

The nice thing about the P2Go video assignment is that the teacher can easily access the submission from inside their nestor course. To do this, simply navigate to the video assignment and click on it. You will then see a listing of all submissions (like in the picture below).

If you would like to watch and grade one of the submissions hit “view/grade”. This will open a new window which shows you the video on the left and grading on the right. From here you can grade the submission and leave feedback for the student. For an example of how this should look see the picture below.

Nice to know / FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions and other things which might interest the user.

Which files does P2Go accept?

 A student can submit any video in any video format. P2Go will automatically convert it to a format suitable for browser playback. (Note: a compressed ZIP-file of .mp4 files won’t be accepted)

How long before I can see a video submission?

This process of converting a video (mentioned above) can take a while, especially if there are a great number of concurrent uploads. The process hasn’t finished yet if the following warning in red is being shown rather than the video. See image below:

A student has accidentally submitted the wrong video, now what?

If you look up the submission on the grade center you can use ‘View grade details’ to display additional information and options. Select ‘Clear Attempt’ to allow the student a new submission. ‘Grade History’ allows you to look up the history.

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