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Delegated Grading

Delegated grading allows you to assign specific users to grade particular sets of student submissions or to allow multiple graders to grade one student. Delegated graders provide provisional grades. They follow the same grading procedure as the instructor. However, the set of submissions they are allowed to see can be controlled by the instructor. The instructor could even disallow the grader to view other graders feedback and grades. After all delegated graders have completed the grading process the final grader, often the instructor of the course, can review all grading and feedback to determine a final grade. Delegated grading allows you to easily combine all provisional grades into an average final grade.

Setting up Delegated Grading

  1. Give the evaluators the role of Grader or Instructor in the Users and Groups page. (Control Panel > Users & Groups > Users)

  2. Edit an existing assignment or make a new one.

  3. Enter the amount of points that are possible to receive with this assignment

  4. Select Enable Delegated Grading in the Grading Options (see the image above).

  5. In the Show dropdown menu select All Possible Graders.

  6. For each evaluator you can now assign a set of students for him or her to evaluate.

    1. All Submissions: The grader has to evaluate all student submissions

    2. Random set: Select the amount of randomly selected students that the grader has to grade

    3. Groups: Select an existing group of students for the grader to assess.

  7. In the View Settings you can enable graders to see other graders feedback and scores.

  8. In the Reconcile Grades column you can allow graders to finalize the grading process (see the instructions in the next paragraph)

  9. Finally select Submit when you’re done.

Whenever a student submits his work the grader can see and grade his submission through the Needs Grading page (Control Panel > Grade Center > Needs Grading)

Reconcile grades

When multiple instructors have graded an attempt it is time to decide what the final grade for the student will be.
One of the evaluators should follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the Grade Center and select the grey arrow in the column of the assignment:

  2. A dropdown menu will appear, select “Reconcile Grades”:

  3. The “Reconcile Grades” page will appear. Here you can see each evaluators grade for this assignment. If you click on the blue reconcile button in the Final Grade column (as seen in the picture below) you can decide if you want to have the average, highest or lowest grade of all the instructors grades by clicking on one. The grade will automatically be saved so you can safely return to the grade center.
    Only after you have reconciled the grade, the grade will be visible for the student.

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