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Group Assignments

You can create a group assignment and release it to one or more groups within your course. Each group submits one collaborative assignment and all members receive the same grade. You can create a single assignment and assign it to all groups, or create several unique assignments and assign them to individual groups. Only you and the members of a group have access to the assignment. A thorough explanation of Group Assignments can be found on the Blackboard website.

  • Open the course / organization in which you want to create a hand-in assignment for a group or groups.

  • Navigate to a content area in which you want to create the assignment.

  • Activate the [Edit Mode] of the respective content area.

  • Click the [Create Assessment] button and then click [Assignment].

  • Place the cursor in the [Name and Color] text field and type the text to appear as the title for the command.

  • By default, the name will appear in black. If necessary, click the button and select the desired color.

  • Then place the cursor in the text field [Instructions] and type the text to be displayed as a message. You can optionally add formatting via the various buttons of the visual text box editor (visual text box editor)

  • You can also link a local file to an assignment containing, for example, a drawing for clarification, a basic text or schedule from which the students have to start, a template, ....

  • Under part 2 [Assignment Files], click the [Browse for Local File] button and search for the relevant file on your PC.

  • You can enter the text for that link in the text field next to [Name of Link to File]. If you leave this text field empty, the file name will be used as a link. Don't forget to click the [Attach File] button.

  • It is also possible to place a reference to an item in the content collection containing, for example, a drawing for clarification, a basic text or schedule from which the students must start, a template, ....

  • Under section 2 [Assignment Files], click the [Browse for Content Collection item] button and select the appropriate file. Don't forget to click the Attach File button.

  • Then place the cursor in the text field [Points Possible] and enter the maximum score. If you only use this tool to submit documents, and you do not want to give the students a score for this assignment in the Grade Center (grade list) of the course or organization, you can skip this.

  • One can possibly create the assignment already, but make it still unavailable (unavailable) and therefore invisible to students and participants (participants).

  • Uncheck the checkbox next to the text [Make the assignment available]. The assignment will then be visible in the edit view for certain course roles such as instructors (instructors), but not for normal users with the course role student or participant (participant).

  • In addition, one can also optionally specify when the assignment is visible to students. This is done by specifying a start and end date.

  • Indicate how many attempts the student receives to submit his assignment. The possibilities are:

    • [Allow single attempt]

    • [Allow unlimited attempts]

    • [Number of attempts] waarbij men zelf een aantal moet opgeven

  • If an additional attempt is still required after the number of permitted attempts has been exceeded, a teacher can allow this via the Grade Center.

  • Check the option [Due Date] and choose the desired end date for the assignment. Attention, students can still send assignments after the expiry date (see points for attention).

  • Under 6. [Recipients] you must indicate for whom the assignment is intended.

    • With the option [Groups of Students] you have to select which groups you want to link to the assignment. All members of the group will see the assignment. If you link an assignment to a group, only one member of the group must submit the assignment

  • Click the [Submit] button at the bottom.

Points of attention

A due date can be attached to an assignment. However, to allow students with disabilities to take more time to process a particular assignment, the system still allows students to submit assignments after the expiry date. The end date is only intended as an indication for the student, and as a teacher it is possible to quickly inquire via the Grade Center (list of points) or via a line in the Early Warning System who did not meet the deadline and who well.

Do not use punctuation marks with the title of the command such as?, /, \, ", ', .... These will cause problems when downloading the command. If you encounter this problem, it would suffice to enter the name of the command to suit.

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