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A glossary could be used in order to create and share a list of terms you have defined with students. Moreover, FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) could be added in the same way (term = question, definition = answer)

How to add a glossary?

A glossary can be added using the following steps:

  1. Add a glossary to a content area by navigating to the content area → tools → more tools → glossary.

  2. Enter a title and description for the glossary.

  3. State whether it should be already available for students or set a specific time-range in which it should be available.

  4. Click on submit.

How to use a glossary?

In a glossary terms or questions could be added manually. This could be done by navigating to the glossary link and subsequently click on Add Term. Here the term or question should be stated first. Then the definition or the answer corresponding to the term or question should be stated in the greater text box.

A glossary list could also be added by using both an txt-file or an excel-file. In the txt-file the term and definition should be on the same line, separated with a comma. In an excel-file term and definition should be separated with a tab, which means the term is in the first column and the definition in the second. Add such a list by clicking on Upload/Download → Upload Glossary. Then upload the glossary list and state whether the current terms and definitions should be kept. Furthermore, a glossary could be downloaded as an excel-file by clicking on Upload/Download → Download Glossary.

Last modified: 29 November 12:46 pm
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