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The Contacts tool can be used to display various types of contact information for e.g. instructors, T.A.'s or guest lecturers. Contacts can be grouped in separate folders as well.

Instructions for creating a Contact

The Contacts tool can be found under Course Management > Course Tools. You can either create a new folder or a new contact by clicking Create Folder or Create Contact, respectively, or edit an existing contact by clicking the grey arrow shown to the right of the Contact name.

 Click here to see the available options to fill in for a Contact.

 Click here to see what an example of what a Contact looks like.

Be aware that the Contact created will be automatically set to invisible to students! To make it visible for students, scroll to the bottom of the Contact and select ‘Yes’ under ‘Make the Profile Available’, as shown below.

How can the students see the Contacts?

Students can find the Contacts tool under Tools. If you do not see a Tools menu item in the menu bar on the left, you can create it by clicking the + icon at the top of the menu bar, and selecting Tool Link. There you can either select the entire Tools Area (where the Contacts tool is listed as well), or select Contacts.

 Click here to see where you can create a tool link.

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