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Math and Statistics - SOWISO

SOWISO is an environment for practicing and examining maths and statistics online. Primarily, students can use SOWISO to practice with maths and statistics while receiving immediate help and feedback. The degree of help is set preliminary by the instructor. Moreover, SOWISO could be used to take summative tests. Please keep in mind that SOWISO is solely available for the Faculty of Science and Engineering. If you are interested in previewing or using SOWISO, please contact the FSE SOWISO team Please contact Nestorsupport if you want to use this tool outside of this faculty.

Instructions for adding SOWISO to your course

  1. Navigate to a content area in which you want to add SOWISO.

  2. In this content area, select the button SOWISO under the Tools tab.

  3. Fill in all the necessary information fields:

    • Name: Enter a name for the SOWISO course, as it will be shown in the content area.

    • Outcomes: This option should not be marked and could be skipped.

    • Create grade column: Mark this checkbox if a column for SOWISO in the Grade Center must be added, even if no one has entered the SOWISO environment yet.

    • Display format for column: Choose if the grade is shown as a score or as a percentage.

    • Points Possible: Indicate the maximum points possible.

    • Column in grade calculations: Select Yes in order to add this column to the grade calculations. Select No to exclude this column from grade calculations.

    • Show this column to students: Indicate whether the column for SOWISO is shown to students in the Grade Center.

  4. Define the option for the tool:

    • Permit users to view this content: State whether or not the SOWISO tool is shown to student.

    • Track number of views: Mark Yes if the number of students that view this item must be tracked.

    • Choose date restrictions: Here you can select the date restrictions for this assignment i.e. the timespan in which it will be visible for students.

  5. Click on submit in order to create the SOWISO tool.

When students (and instructors) enter the SOWISO environment through the link that is provided in the Content Area, their account will be linked to the tool. Therefore, the grades in SOWISO will also be synchronised to Nestor.

Questions and Inquiries for SOWISO

For questions and inquires for SOWISO, please contact the FSE SOWISO team. They could be reached at

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