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Discussion Board

This page will give instructions on how to create a discussion board in Nestor. Discussions are a good way to encourage students to think critically about your coursework and interact with each others' ideas. You can create discussions around individual course lessons or for your course in general.

How to create a Discussion Board?

  1. Choose a Content Area in which you want to add the Discussion Board.

  2. Add the Discussion Board by using the button Tools → Discussion Board.

  3. Link this Discussion Board to an already existing forum or create a new forum (described below).

  4. Edit the settings for a Discussion Board:

    1. Name: Enter a name for the Discussion Board.

    2. Forum Availability: Choose whether the Discussion Board is available to students or choose a time period in which the Discussion Board must be available.

    3. Viewing threads/Replies: State whether a student has to create a thread in order to see the discussion or not.

    4. Grade: Choose the grading method and optionally add a rubric.

    5. Subscription: Choose the type of subscription a student can take, none, thread or forum.

    6. Create and Edit: State which rights a student has in the Discussion Board.

    7. Additional Options: Allow students to tag other persons and/or allow them to rate posts.

  5. Click on Submit.

  6. Select the Discussion Board of your choice and click Next.

Using a discussion board

To see an overview of all the discussion boards in your course, go to the Control Panel, select Course Tools and then Discussion board. The following page lists every discussion board, including those that are specific to groups. Click a discussion board to access the forums. Here create a new forum or within a forum create a thread. Students can reply on these threads instantly. Moreover, you can grade threads and email members within a forum.

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