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Learn Course At A Glance

In Learn Course At A Glance you can see the activity of students in the Nestor course.

To generate this report, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and login (for details see Analytics for Learn for study advisors).

  2. Click on "Learn Course At A Glance"

  3. On the next page, "Academic Semester" in which this course is given (step 1 in screenshot below, note that if a course is given in semester 1a you have to select Ia and not semester I!), a "Faculty" (step 2), and a course by either using the course code under "Course Number" (step 3) of the course name under "Learn Course" (step 4). Make  sure that "Compare To" is set to "Department" (step 5). Finally, click on "View Report" (step 6) to generate the report.

  4. The top of the page gives you some general statistics of the course, such as how many of the course items were accessed and how active the students were during the weeks of the course. 

  5. The bottom part of the report  shows you detailed statistics for each student in the course.. Behind each statistic there is a colored arrow (see legend) to indicate whether activity or performance is above or below the average of the whole group.

  6. Availability means whether student is currently available in Nestor.

  7. To sort the students based on one of these indicators, you can click on the arrow as displayed in the screenshot below. You can also get more detailed information by clicking on the students' name or one of the statistics displayed behind their names.

  8. After clicking on a student's name you will end up in their Student At A Glance report. More information on these reports can be found here: Student at a Glance Report

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