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Activity Matrix

The Activity Matrix shows you for each student their activity in relation to their test results in four groups (high activity/high grades; high activity/low grades; low activity/high grades and low activity/low grades).

Generate the activity matrix report

To get to this report, follow the following steps:

  1. Go to and login (for details: Analytics for Learn for study advisors).

  2. Click on "Activity Matrix"

  3. On the next page, first select the "Academic Semester" in which this course is given (step 1 in screenshot below, note that if a course is given in semester 1a you have to select I a and not semester I!), a "Faculty" (step 2),  and a course code by either using the course code under "Course Number" (step 3, this is the course code) or the course name under "Learn Course" (step 4). Finally, you select the type of activity you want to see under "Activity Type" (step 5). There are three types of activity you can track: course accesses, interactions (clicks), and submissions.

  4. Press "View Report" on the right side of the screen. This will generate your report

  5. This report categorizes each student in one of the four quadrants shown below. In which quadrant a student is placed is based on his/her activity and grade relative to the other students in the course.

Example report

In the list below you see an example of the report. The different columns are explained first:

  • Student availability: whether the student is available in Blackboard

  • Citizenship: nationality

  • Previous education: education before starting University

  • Matching Index: The matching indicator is based on risk factors based on the matching questionnaire ('intakeformulier'). The matching indicator has a value between 0 (low risk) and 6 (high risk). For more information about the exact calculation please contact Jan Tjeerd Groenewoud ( or +31 50 36 38708)

  • GPA Prior Education: average VWO grade

  • GPA Prior Education Mathematics: average VWO grade for Mathematics

  • Class level: cannot be matched at this stage in the project

  • Interactions: reflects the interactions (blue is highest, red is lowest)

  • Grade: color reflects the grade (blue is highest, red is lowest)

  • Matrix: shows the position in the matrix

  • Interactions by week: per course week the color of the interactions are shown (so not the Matrix!)

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