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Respondus is a tool for creating and managing exams that can be printed to paper or published directly to Blackboard, and by default is installed on all university computers. It offers an easy way to transform an exam in Word or Notepad into a digital exam. Following the steps below, you can install Respondus at home, so that you can also create tests at home.

 Respondus Manuals

The documents are manuals related to Respondus.

Elaborate manual
Quick Start Guide
Demo Video's

Use Respondus at home

If you would like to use Respondus outside of the university, you can visit Here you can log in with your usual username and password. After logging in, you are in the digital environment of the university and all programs usually installed on a university computer will be available to you. 

Uploading a test to Nestor with Respondus: 8 steps

Step 1: Save questions in text editor

The existing questions or the questions you create with a text editor (Notepad, MS Word etc), need to be saved in a certain format if you want to upload them to Respondus.

  • Each question number followed by a dot and a space: ‘3. ’ 

  • Each answer must begin with a letter, followed by a dot and a space: ‘a.’

  • Do not use bullet points, but enter the letters manually.

  • The correct answer must be preceded by an ‘*’. Do not enter a space after the '*'! 

For example:

1. Who determined the exact speed of light?
*a. Albert Einstein
b. Albert Michelson
c. Thomas Edison
d. Guglielmo Marconi

Step 2: Start Respondus

Start > All programs > Development & Programming > Respondus. Or search on ´Respondus´.

Step 3: Import the text file to Respondus

Tab Start > Open or create > Import questions.

Step 4: Fill in the import questions in the pop-up screen.

  • Type of file: choose plain text if you used notepad, choose .doc or .docx if you used Word.

  • File name: browse your file.

  • Create a new document, named: fill in a name for the MC test.

Step 5: Warnings and notes, what do they mean?


  • Warning: Questions with duplicate titles. This can be ignored - if you didn't explicitly give the question a title then Respondus uses the first words for a title. Some of your questions may begin with the same words.

  • Warning: X questions had no correct answers (with questions listed below) - do not ignore this, you either forgot to indicate an answer or it is formatted incorrectly.

  • Warning: X questions were invalid or missing - this should not be ignored either. In this case the number of questions is also wrong, probably due to a formatting error.

Do you have some errors?

  • Do not close Respondus or this dialog box yet!

  • Re-open the Word/notepad file.

  • Note the question numbers which had possible errors. Without closing the "Import Questions" dialog box, switch back to the Word document.

  • Go to the question with possible errors. Possible formatting errors are: no space after b. or no given answer.

  • After you have corrected the Word document, save and then close it.

  • Go back to Respondus.

  • If you did not close the Import Questions dialog box, you simply need to click "Preview" again.

  • If all errors have been cleared, you can click "Finish".

Step 6: Publish questions to Nestor

Step 6.1

When you are ready, you can publish to blackboard/Nestor.
Go to tab Preview + Publish. Click on the Publish button and then on Publish Wizard.

Step 6.2

Choose at Type of publish: save pool to local file for manual uploading and click on Next

Step 6.3
  • Choose Save As and choose a location on your computer and name for the file and click on Save.

  • Choose the option ‘Test with points’.

  • Click on Finish.

  • The zip file is now saved on your computer.

Step 7: Open Nestor and import test

  • Open your Nestor exam course and follow this path: Course management: Course Tools > Tests, surveys and pools.

  • Click on Test and click on the button Import Test 

  • Click on browse My Computer, choose the zip file and click on Submit.

Step 8: Add test to Nestor

  • Go to the ‘assessment folder’ Exam/tentamen.

  • Click on Add Test.

  • Select the test you have just created and click on Submit.

  • Edit the test options and Submit again. For more information, go to chapter: How to construct a digital exam in Nestor – Customize the test options (steps 10 and further).

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