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Tests, Pools and Surveys

Instructors use tests to examine the progress and knowledge of students. To every test a grade will be assigned in the Grade Center. Surveys are used tot retrieve information from students. These are the same as a test, but no grades or points will be assigned to the survey.

Before you start

There are some points instructors should consider when taking a test or survey:

  • Are there any special instructions required for this test?

  • How many questions to include?

  • What type of questions am I going to ask?

  • With how many points should I value a question?

  • Are partial credits acceptable for some or all questions?

  • Are some questions extra difficult, and should students be rewarded with extra points for those questions?

Tests and surveys

You can create tests and surveys by coming up with new questions yourself, using the different built-in question types, using questions from existing tests and pools, uploading questions or by importing pools.

Implementing Test and surveys

If you have created a test or survey, you must implement the part. You do this by adding the item to a content area and then making it available to students.

Grading Tests

The assessment of tests in Blackboard is automatic, except for subjective questions, such as open questions. These must be assessed manually. Grade Center includes a number of options for assessing tests:

  • Multiple attempts: Instructors can change the settings for a test using the Test Creation Settings page. The final grade for an assessment may consist of the grade for the first attempt, the last attempt, or an average of all attempts.

  • Clear attempt(s): allow Instructors to clear a grade from the Grade Center. You can do this separately per attempt, but also for all attempts at once. For example, if there is a technical malfunction, the Instructor may remove all assessment attempts made on that date.

  • The Manually Override option allows the Instructor to enter a grade to replace an existing grade in the Grade Center. For example, in the case of special circumstances during the exam, the Instructor may use the option to increase or decrease the student's grade. This score is used to calculate the grade.

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