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Grade Center

The Grade Center offers instructors an overview of students, handed in assignments, tests and grades. The benefit is that it centralizes all information. The student no longer has to ask the instructor for the grades of the latest assignments, and the instructor has an overview of all grades. On the following pages, you will find more information on the various uses of the Grade Center.

How can instructors access the grade center?

Open “Grade Center” in the Control Panel section of the course management (bottom of the grey bar on the left side of the Course. Next, select Full Grade Center.

What can I, as an instructor, do in the Grade Center?

Instructors can:

  • Use Grade Center to see if an Assignment has been submitted or if a submitted Assignment needs to be graded (it will appear under ‘Needs Grading’). The Instructor has the option to download each submission individually, or all at once.

  • Find the automatically generated grades, coming from Tests, in the Grade Center.

  • Fill in grades by hand.

  • Use the Grade Center to calculate a final grade. He/she has the possibility to change weights of specific items, or to calculate the grade over an selected period.

  • Customize the Grade Center as he/she wishes. The instructor can arrange items in categories, periods and groups. There also is an option for creating Grading Schemes and Smart Views. 

  • Download the data from Grade Center, make changes and upload them back to Grade Center.

Can students access the grade center?

Students are not able to directly access the gradecenter. They can find their grades in the `My Grades' tool. They will been shown their own grade, the maximum score possible and the group average. In `My Grades', students can find their own answers, feedback and comments from the instructor for their handed in Assignments and Tests.

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