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Solving login issues

New Student?

The error ''Could not login. Valid authentication credentials were not provided.'' means that you have entered an incorrect password. If you forgot your password you can go to to reset it.

Once you register for a certain programme, you should receive a student number by mail. If you have not received your student number yet, please contact Information services. More information about Information Services can be found by going to their website .

If you have received your student number, please activate your student account on first. 

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Are you experiencing issues with the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)? Click here for more information on MFA at the UG. If your issue remains unsolved, please contact the CIT Servicedesk.

How to solve your login issues for S- and P-accounts

  1. Check if you are signing in using your student number preceded by an 's'. You can find your student number on your student ID card. An example of a username is "s1234567".

  2. Check if you are able to login to ProgRESS WWW and your student mail. If you are unable to login, continue with step 4.

  3. If you are able to sign in at these sites, please first try to completely close your internet browser, reopen it and type in the address bar (so do not go to Nestor using a bookmark or link). Still not working? Then send an e-mail to or call 050 363 8282. Please provide us with the following information:

    • Name

    • Student number

    • The browser

  4. Try changing your password at This works for both s-accounts and p-accounts!

    •  Choose [Change Password] if your password has expired.

    • Choose [Forgotten Password] if you have forgotten your password. Please note: this is only possible if you added an verification question before.

  5. Check if you have paid your tuition fees on time.

  6. Have you been studying at the University of Groningen before, received an alumnus account and did you re-enroll as a student? Then try to login using your old student number and your alumnus password. If this doesn't work, continue with step 7.

  7. If you are unable to solve your problem using the above steps, please contact the CIT Service Desk at 050-363 3232.

How to change your password for Wenkebach-, PPO- and guest accounts

You can change your password for a Wenkebach-, PPO- or guest account at In the case you get an error message when you are trying to change your password, please send Nestorsupport an email. This email should contain your login-name of the account for which you want your password changed and the date/time when you tried to change the password (so we can check the logs to see what went wrong).

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