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FeedbackFruits - Skill Review


The Skill Feedback tool facilitates teacher feedback in learning activities where there is no deliverable, such as a presentation, an oral exam, or an interview. Feedback can be structured and customised in several ways. Provide qualitative feedback, use scales or rubrics, and reuse feedback comments that apply to most students.


Step 1: Make sure that FeedbackFruits is enabled in your Nestor Course. For this go to Customisation - Tool Availability and select the FeedbackFruits option of your choice (when available in Nestor). 

Step 2: In the Nestor content area go to Build Content and select Feedback Fruits Skill Review. Give it a title and hit enter. This will create a link which will take you or your students to the online FBF environment. Once the link is created click on it to enter the FeedbackFruits Discussion Assignment Tool.

Step 3: Once you are in the online environment you will have the option to either watch an instruction video or “get started”. If you are new to FBF then it might be good to watch the video. Once you are ready click get started.

Step 4: From here on the steps are fairly straight forward, you can see a purple line with 4 steps:

  1. Instructions: give the assignment a description. Here you can give some overall instructions for the assignment. You can also select if the assignment is a group assignment, or individual. The groups will be synchronised from your nestor course.

  2. Give feedback on students: In this step, you will be able to give feedback on students, specify feedback criteria and specify when students see their received feedback.

  3. Received reviews: In this step, students read the feedback they received.

  4. Grading: This module is also optional. Here you can configure which facets of the activity should be weighed in the students grade.

For more detailed information you can also see the FeedbackFruits Help Center or watch the video listed below:

Whom to contact?

FeedbackFruits is easy to set up by teachers themselves (see instructions). If you need support, you can contact the FeedbackFruits Help Center or please contact Nestorsupport at For direct and quick support on the assignment in FeedbackFruits itself, you can also contact with in cc.


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