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EDU Support Blackboard Instructor Assignments, Assessments & Exams Step 2: Construction of your exam Add audio/video/pdf/image to your question

Add audio/video/pdf/image to your question

It is possible to add extra content items to you question. This can be an audio or video file, a pdf or an image.

Add content to the questions 

Step 1: Upload content to the exam course

  1. Go to ‘Content Collection’ in your exam course and select your exam. 

  2. Click on Upload and choose Upload Files.

  3. Browse your computer to upload the file you want to use in your exam. If you want to use multiple files you can select them all at once. It is recommended that you name the files on your computer with an easily recognizable file name. That way it is easier to add the right file to the right question. 

  4. Click on Submit.

Step 2: Add content to the question(s)

  1. Go to the question you want to add the audio or video file to and choose to Edit the question.

  2. To add audio or video, go to the box where you add the question text and click on Add content, recognizable by this icon:

  3. Select the option ‘Insert form Content Collection’. Use Browse Content Collection to add the file for this question and click on Submit.

  4. After creating the rest of the question, click on Submit.
    The file is now added to the question.

Whom to contact? 

For further information about exams and the help we can provide, please email our team at

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