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Upload MC questions with Respondus

Respondus is a tool for creating and managing exams that can be printed on paper or published directly to Nestor. It offers an easy way to transform an exam in Word or Notepad into a digital exam.

Format file to upload questions

To upload questions, your file needs to have a certain format. You have to create the questions in a text-editor (Notepad, MS Word, etc.).

  1. Each question starts with a question number followed by a dot and a space: ‘1.’

  2. Each answer must begin with a letter followed by a dot and a space: ‘a.’ 
    Do not use bullet points.

  3. The correct answers must be preceded by an asterisk (*). Do not enter a space after the *.

For example:

1. Who determined the exact speed of light?
*a. Albert Einstein
b. Albert Michelson
c. Thomas Edison
d. Guglielmo Marconi

Upload the question in Respondus

  1. Open Respondus through the start menu of your computer. If you work from home, open to use Respondus. 

  2. In Respondus, go to the tab ; Start’. Choose Open or Create and then Import questions.

  3. Fill in the fields in the ‘Import questions’ pop-up
    - ‘Type of file’: Choose ‘plain text’ if you used Notepad to create questions, choose ‘.docx’ if you used Word
    - ‘File name’: Upload the file with your questions
    - Check the box in front of ‘Create a new document, named:’ and fill in the name of your test

  4. Click on Preview to check if your file is correct. If your file is not correct, you find an explanation in the section ‘Preview results’.

    Possible warning and notes:

    Did you receive errors? Do not close Respondus or the dialog screen yet, you need this to adapt your questions with errors.
    - Reopen your Notepad or Word file with your question
    - Go to the question(s) with errors. Possible format errors are: no space after the answer letter or no correct answer given
    - Make sure you go through all the questions with errors and solve them.

  5. Click on Finish if you cleared all errors or don’t have errors at all.

Upload questions to Nestor

After the questions are uploaded in Respondus you need to upload them to your exam course in Nestor. 

  1. In Respondus go to the tab ‘Preview + Publish’, choose Publish and then Publish Wizard.

  2. Check the box in front of ‘Save pool to local file for manual uploading’.

  3. Click on Next.

  4. Click on Save As and choose a location to save your file.

  5. Check the box in front of ‘Test with points’.

  6. Click on Finish. A ZIP file will now be saved.

  7. Open your exam course in Nestor to upload the questions.

  8. Go to ‘Course Management’, ‘Course Tools’ and choose Test, Surveys, and Pools in the left menu.

  9. Click on Tests.

  10. Click on Import Test.

  11. Browse to the ZIP file you created with Respondus and click on Submit. You will see a message saying the package has been processed. 

  12. Go to the ‘Exam/Tentamen’ folder in your exam course and click on Add Test.

  13. Select the test you just imported in your exam course in ‘Add an Existing Test’. 

  14. Click on Submit.

  15. Edit the test options and click on Submit again.

    Your questions are now uploaded to your exam course in Nestor. If you want to make changes or add more questions go to the ‘Exam/Tentamen’ folder and scroll down to the test you just added. Select the drop down menu behind the name of the test and choose Edit

Whom to contact?

For further information about exams and the help we can provide, please email our team at

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