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Online Examination​

An online exam takes place in a Nestor course. You will see this exam course on the day of examination in the Courses module on the Nestor homepage. The exam course will be made available at the start of the exam.

Student Pledge

When entering an exam course you will first be presented with the student pledge. You will only be able to access the exam after agreeing to the pledge.

As soon as you fill in the pledge and click “I Agree” you will enter the exam.

The Exam

The homepage of the exam will look similarly to this:

When you have saved your answer as a draft the question will be red on the homepage. When you submit your answer it will turn blue.

Make sure to read all instructions carefully. Sometimes you are not allowed to backtrack, meaning you will need to submit your answer before you can see the next question.

Collaborate exam hall

Depending on the exam there might be an exam hall open in Blackboard Collaborate in the exam course in which you are required to be present. The instructor will provide all details.

The examiner might ask you to show your student card during the exam. Make sure to have your student card within reach when making an online exam. 

How to ask a question

If you have a question during the exam you should contact your instructor. The method of contact differs between exams. For some exams you might need to ask questions in the Blackboard Collaborate session, for other exams you might need to email the instructor. Make sure to carefully read the instructions provided by your instructor. 

Authentication question

After the exam the examiner might contact a few students (randomly) to confirm their answers are theirs. Make sure the examiner can contact you after the exam via phone.

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