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List of Results


The List of Results module lists your official study results as recorded in the Student Information System (Progress.NET). Click here to visit the page on Progress.

No rights are conferred by publications in this module!

An example view of the List of Results module is shown below.

Incorrect or missing information

The information shown in the List of Results module is imported directly from Therefore, if you see incorrect or unexpected results in the module, first check your results shown on and contact the coordinator/instructor of the course you are experiencing problems with.

Help, I no longer see the module List of Results!

If you delete the List of Results module or if it is not shown, you can bring back the module by following these steps.

1. Navigate to the bottom of your ‘Today’ page and click the button "Add Modules".

2. Search for "List of Results". Here you can select to add it to your ‘Today’ page.

Last modified: 9 May 03:41 PM
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