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Digital Examination

Digital exam portal

The Aletta Jacobs examination hall consists of 3 rooms where digital examination can take place: exam hall 2, 3 and 4.

To access the exam you will need to login with your student number and corresponding password. The exam will become available at the starting time as scheduled. You can already login before that.

The exam homepage will look similarly to this:

When you submit a question/test the question will turn blue. When you have started working on a question but you have not submitted yet the question will be red.

Your answers will automatically be saved every 2 minutes. 

On essay questions you can click on ‘Save as Draft’ to save your answer and return to the exam homepage. Click on ‘Save and Finish’ to submit your answer, after submitting you will not be able to edit your answer.

You can also submit all your essay questions at once. Go to the main page and click on ‘Finish all essays’/‘Alle essays inleveren’ at the top of the page. After this, you will no longer be able to edit any of your answers.

For multiple choice tests you can temporarily leave the test by clicking on 'Exam Homepage' at the top of the page. Select 'Leave this page' in the following notification. Your answers are already saved.

When you have submitted all your answers you can logout.

Do not forget to bring your student card to the exam hall.

Nestorsupport is present in the exam hall to answer any technical questions.

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