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Overview educational systems

Below you will find an overview of the most important systems you will encounter during your time as a student at the University of Groningen

Nestor, online learning environment

Nestor is the online learning environment/student portal where your courses take place, and which serves as the main hub throughout your studies. Nestor can be accessed by navigating to and logging in using your s-account. More information on Nestor can be found on Student portal (Nestor).

Brightspace, the new online learning environment

Brightspace is the new online learning environment that will replace Nestor from September 2022. The first courses will take place in Brightspace in semester 2A 2022. Brightspace can be accessed through and you can logging using your s-account.

Progress, course enrolment and grades

Progress is where you enroll for courses and where you can find the finale grade for each course. Progress can be accessed by navigating to, or by clicking ‘Grades and enrollment (Progress)’ in the RUG tools module in your Today tab on Nestor. More information on Progress can be found on Course Enrollment and Results (Progress).

Ocasys, course catalogue

The educational catalogue Ocasys shows information on all courses offered by the University of Groningen, such as course descriptions, lecturers involved, the period a course can be taken in and the literature used. Ocasys can be accessed by navigating to More information on Ocasys can be found on Educational catalogue (Ocasys).

Timetable catalogue

The timetable catalogue can be accessed by navigating to All events related to a course are shown here, such as lectures, tutorials and seminars. You can search by name or course code, information which can be obtained from Ocasys ( More information on the schedule generator can be found on Timetable (​​.

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