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Personal Information

Find out how to check if your personal information is correct, or change it!


Progress Portaal offers a menu tab called Info. In this tab you can find general information the university has about you like your name, registration and address.


The general subtab displays your student number, names and your registrations for study programmes. If you would like to change your name or registrations, you can do so in Studielink. Your student number cannot be changed.

Under general information you will also find information on your latest logins. If you find any logins you do not recognize, please change your password immediately here.

Address Data

The address data subtab displays you the address and telephone number that are used by the university to contact you. If you would like to change either one of these, you can do so in Studielink.


In the configurations subtabs you can find your student number, your university email adress and standard language. None of these can be changed. For more information on how to use your university email adress please click here.

Additionally, this screen also allow you stop or enable automatic emails when you receive a new result on Progress Portaal. These automatic emails are send to the email adress displayed above.

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