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Overview of an Assignment

An Assignment is an assessment meant to submit a text or a file within a course. An Assignment can be found within a content area in a course and is visualized with the following icon:

Submit an Assignment

  1. Click on the title of the Assignment

You will be directed to the Preview Upload Assignment, this looks as follows:

At the Preview Upload Assignment you can find various information about the title, points possible, due date, rubrics and the instructions. If the due date is already passed, the submitted Assignment will be marked as late.

2. Select Write Submission > Browse My Computer > Browse Content Collection.

Select Write Submission to expand the area where you can type your submission. The toolbar is provided to control the appearance and order of the text you want to submit.

There is also the possibility to upload a file from your computer or from your content collection. You can select Browse My Computer, Browse Content Collection or drag your file to the box enclosed by a dotted line. When you have attached an unwanted file to the Assignment you can remove the file with selecting Do Not Attach in the folder's row to remove it.

3. Add comments to your submission

Optionally, you can add comments to your submission.

4. Select Submit > Save Draft > Cancel

If you select Submit, the assignment has been handed in and you will be directed to the Review Submission History. At this page you will be shown exactly what you have submitted. This submission comes with a mail containing a confirmation number, which numbers as proof and entails details of the submission. Within the Review Submission History page you can view the rubric if it is made visible after it is graded by the instructor.

If you select Save Draft, the actions you have taken will be saved and you can continue at another moment.

If you select Cancel, every action you have taken before will be deleted.

Group Assignments

A Group Assignment has the same step-by-step plan as an individual submission. The difference is that only one group member has to submit the Assignment for the whole group. In order to come in contact with your fellow group members you can go to the menu at the left and under the heading My Groups you can find your concerned group(s). You can access Group Homepage with the arrow heading to the right next to your group name or select Group Homepage. This Group Homepage will give you access to the Group Properties of your fellow group members, optional Group Tools provided by the instructor, and potential Group Assignments.


It is optional for an instructor to create and use a rubric to grade or evaluate the submitted Assignments. A rubric can be shared with students beforehand, after grading or not at all. If a rubric is shared beforehand, you can access it already at the Preview Upload Assignment (step 1) directly under points possible. If the rubric is shared after grading, you can view the rubric within the Review Submission History (step 4) with the help of the following image.


Assignments have an optional built-in plagiarism scanner for submitted texts and/or files. You as a student can check if the instructor has applied this plagiarism scanner with the following icon and the text Plagiarism check by Ouriginal. Without this icon and text, the assignment will not be scanned for plagiarism.

The plagiarism scanner carries out an analysis and creates a report that indicates the degree of similarity in percent between the answer and other texts. These other texts are acquired from the internet and other submitted assignments. The instructor has the option to enable this report for students to view. If enabled, the plagiarism report will be visible after the instructor has graded the student for the regular assignment at the Review Submission History page (step 4).

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