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P2Go livestreams, recordings and assignments

P2Go is the streaming service of the RUG. As a student you can find livestreams and recordings of lectures via your course.


In the course you can find a link to open a livestream. The link guides you to the livestream linked to your course. The link looks like this:

You can recognise the link by the P2Go-icon.

When you select the link of the livestream in your course, the livestream opens in P2Go. You can view the teacher on the left. On the right you can view the content your teacher wants to share with you. For example a powerpoint or a whiteboard.


Livestreams can be recorded so you can rewatch the lectures. These are also stored in P2Go. You can find them via two routes. Either a P2Go Item or a P2Go List.

P2Go Item

A P2Go Item is a single video/lecture. You can view the video by selecting the link.

P2Go List

The P2Go List is a list of all lectures or educational videos linked to the course. When a new recording is available, it will be in this list by default.

If you want to view a lecture, you select the link to open the list. In the list you can select a video you want to watch. By selecting the blue link you can open the video.

Video Assignment P2Go

This assignment is similar to a regular assignment, but you can submit a video instead of a regular document. This way you can easily record a presentation or anything else, and submit it to P2Go so your teacher can view your video. You can submit any type of video, P2Go will convert it to a suitable format.

How to submit a video to the video assignment

You can submit the video in the assignment. The assignment looks like this:

It's recognisable by its icon. When you select the link it will open the upload form:

In the upload form you can choose a title for your video. Next you can Add the file. As described, you can submit any type of video file. P2Go will automatically format the file to a type that is suitable for the system. If your upload was succesful, you will see the next message:


Did you not find what you are looking for? Are you experiencing problems watching livestreams and/or recordings with P2Go? Or do you have problems submitting your video assignment?

Contact Nestorsupport for technical support.

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