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Using the Timetable​ ( Blackboard

On you can check all the events that are happening at the RUG. You can search for courses, programmes, groups, locations and specific buildings. You can also add activities in your own timetable. This is your personal calendar with your activities like your courses. On you can edit your timetable. This page will explain how the timetable and works and will help you with the basics. This page also is providing information about how to export your timetable to your own calendar with iCal.

The Timetable Catalogue

The timetable catalogue can be accessed by navigating to . All events related to a course are shown here, such as lectures, tutorials and seminars. You can search by name or course code, information which can be obtained from Ocasys ( The screenshot below shows 5 important features of the timetable catalogue.

  1. Active year toggle

  2. Language toggle

  3. Search specification for event type

  4. Search box

  5. Search specification by faculty

If you want to export your schedule to Google Calendar or Apple Calendar, use the link from the personalized schedule in your My Timetable module on Blackboard! This saves you the trouble of having to manually assemble all your courses on .

If you click on ‘SELECT FACULTY’, a dropdown menu with all faculties is shown (screenshot below). By clicking on one of these faculties, you can restrict your search to that specific faculty.

The Timetable Module

Timetable is the place where you can find your schedule in Blackboard. You can find the module “Timetable” on your Today tab on the Student Portal. In this module you can view the schedule that you have configured.

You have to configure your schedule yourself in this Timetable module. When you are registered for a course on Progress, it will allow you to import these courses into your schedule and to configure which group(s) you are in. In the schedule you can view the time, the date and the location of all your classes and exams. You can’t delete courses that you are registered for on Progress, but you can hide them from your schedule. You can also add additional courses.

If you’re a student of the bachelor Medicine, all your activities will be automatically visible within the Timetable module.

Changing the settings of Timetable

  1. You can manage the settings of Timetable by clicking on the 'View or edit on ' button. This will bring you to your personal schedule

  2. If you have any new Progress enrollments, you will get a notification to add these to your schedule.

  3. If you click the ‘Edit button or on ‘Add to schedule’, you can select courses which you are enrolled for and customize what will appear in the schedule. If you don’t select a course, it won’t appear in your schedule.

  4. When you select a course by ticking the box, the word ‘Customize’ will appear. Here you can customize which components of the course will appear in your schedule, such as your group(s).

  5. You can also add a course. You can search for course name, course code, faculty or other options. These courses are also customizable.

  6. Click on save. This will direct you to the ‘My Timetable’ page. Here you can view your timetable.

  7. To review the changes made within Blackboard, please go back to the Timetable module and click on the refresh button on the bottom left side of the module.

Exporting your Timetable

The Timetable module and allow you to generate a URL corresponding to your personalized schedule based on your course enrollments in ProgressWWW. The Timetable module obtains its information directly from . Therefore, the iCal URL will always be up-to-date with . After you have prepared your schedule you can use your preferred device (Android or iPhone) or calendar application (Google Calendar, iCloud Calendar or Outlook) to view your schedule and keep up with changes.

Obtaining an iCal-URL for your personalized schedule

To obtain the iCal-URL you can export to other applications, navigate to the Timetable module and click ’View or edit on ' (screenshot 1). This will open the drop down menu shown in the screenshot below. Click ‘iCal Export’ (screenshot 3).

You will only see the buttons for List, Calendar and iCal Export if you have courses added to your schedule! If you do not have any courses added, you can click Edit under My Timetable on to add courses.

Import your Timetable into Google Calendar

As an Instructor at the RUG you have access to Google Calendar via your p-number. Click the menu next to Other calendars, click the + sign and select From URL, as shown in the screenshot below. There you will enter a screen where you can paste your (personalized) iCal-URL.

Import your Timetable into Apple Calendar

Make sure you have copied the iCal-URL as shown above. Open Calendar and press in the upper left corner on File and then on New Calendar Subscription

Paste the iCal-URL in the corresponding field and click on Subscribe.

Fill in the data asked and click on OK to add your rooster to your Apple Calendar.

Import your Timetable into Outlook

Make sure you have copied the iCal-URL as shown above. Open Outlook and click the "Open Calendar" button in the Ribbon, then select "From Internet":

In the pop-up that opens, paste the iCal-URL which you have copied before:

Click OK after pasting. A second pop-up will open. Here you can verify you have copied the correct iCal-URL. Click Yes to add your custom schedule to Outlook:

Frequently asked questions

 Why is my schedule within Google calendar/Apple calendar not up to date?

Google Calendar does not continuously refresh the added ICAL calendar. Google fetches the schedule available within the ICAL calendar once every 12 hours. Therefore it can take up to 12 hours before the changes you made on  are visible within Google Calendar.

You can try to refresh your calendar, sometimes this helps

 I do not see the schedule of my course in

This can be due to the fact that it has not been published jet. You can only see the schedule of a course when it has been published. You can contact the scheduler of your faculty for information about the publish date.

 I have activities in my calendar that I do not want

You can easily remove these activities by clicking on the box on the left site of the activity. You can also customize the activity. Here you can choose specifiek items you want to have available in your calendar. Changes will also be made in you own calendar if you have used iCal.

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