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Managing your rooms

Creating a space

If you want to create a new space, please consult this page about spaces.

How to open the mapmaker

When you have created your space, it will show up on your main menu when you open On the left you will find a list of your recent spaces. Select the one you want to edit and click on the 'Edit in Mapmaker' button at the bottom.

If you cannot click on the ‘edit map' button, you probably do not have building rights for the space you want to edit. Try contacting the moderator of the space to give you building rights.

Managing your rooms

When you have opened the mapmaker you will find a screen similar to the one shown below. On the bottom right you will find a list of the rooms that have been added to the space. If you select a name, the corresponding room will be shown in the middle of the screen. Here you can edit the room. For more information on editing the room click here.

The Primary Room

One of the rooms will be the primary room of your space. This means that this room is the point in your space that all new users will enter. To change the primary room, click on the three dots after the name of the room. This will open up a menu where you can click on 'Set as primary.'

Creating a new room

To create a new room click on the 'Create a new room' button on the bottom right of your screen. Now you will have to complete two steps:

  1. Choose a name: An empty field will appear in your list of rooms. You can start typing to give your new room a name. When you are done, click on the 'enter' button on your keyboard to move to the next step.

  2. Choose a template: After choosing a name and clicking on ‘enter’ you will get a pop-up that allows you to choose a template for your new room. You can choose the following options:

    1. Start blank: This will give you a completely empty room

    2. Start with a template: This will give you a list of templates provided by Gather. Choose one you like!

    3. Start with an existing space: This will give you a list of rooms you have made in this or other spaces.

Deleting a room

To delete a room, click on the three dots after the name of the room. This will open up a menu where you can click on 'Delete.'

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