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Managing a space

By using the manage space function, you can alter the settings of your space. This page will help guide through the different settings you can adjust. To open the settings of your space, find your space in the main menu ( and select the button 'manage space' like shown below.

After you click on 'manage space' a new window will open with all the settings. You can see an example of this page below.


Under reservations you can add a license to your space and edit existing licenses. Without a license you can have up to 25 online at the same time. If you need more people online at the same time, you can consider applying for the university license. For more information please contact

Space Preferences

Under space preferences you can edit a number of settings:

  • 'Calendar' is a function that will allow you to automatically transfer events from your calendar to the calendar of your Gather space.

  • ‘Pinned moderator message' allows you to choose a message that will always be visible in everyone’s chat. When you have a lot of inexperienced users in your space, it might be helpful to pin a message explaining the basics of Gather.

  • 'Preserve Chat History' will be turned on by default. This means that you will save all the chat messages you have ever receive while present in the space. This chat history is personal, meaning that new users will not be able to see chats that were send when they were not present. By disabling this option, you will make sure that Gather does not save chats after you log out of the space. Please note that chats send before this change will remain available

  • 'Beta features' will be turned off by default. This means you do not have access to experimental new features that Gather is testing out. We recommend you keep this function turned off to ensure the best user experience.

  • ‘Global build' will be turned off by default. This function allows every user in the space to add, move or remove object while in the space. Please note that turning on 'Global build’ will not give every user access to the mapmaker. They will only be able to edit object in the space itself.

  • 'Disable Chat' is a setting that will eliminate the function to chat with other users. This does not affect that audio and video feed. This option is only available when your space is using the university license.

  • 'Disable Screenshare' is a setting hat will eliminate the function to share your screen with other users. This does not affect that audio and video feed. This option is only available when your space is using the university license.

User Roles

Under user roles you can define which people have special rights in your space. You can add people by filling in the emailadress associated with their Gather account. You can delete people by moving your cursus over their name and clicking on the bin icon.

There are three types of special rights in Gather:

  • Owners have all the rights that are available in Gather, including the right to add reservations and to delete the space. This right should be limited.

  • Moderaters have building rights and can change the space preferences. They cannot add reservations or delete the space.

  • Builders do not have the right to open the dashboard. They do have the right to edit the map in the mapmaker.

In order to apply for use of the university license, you will need to make Nestorsupport a co-owner of your space. Simply fill in in the empty field under 'Add owners 'and hit 'add' to make them co-owner of your space.

Space Access

Under space access you can select how people can access your space and which people can access your space:

  • Under 'Space Password' you can add, edit or delete a password. This password will be needed to access all rooms in the space.

  • ‘Email Domain Access’ is a feature that will allow you to filter participants that have been registered with an emailadress from a specific domainname like . Filtering on will also admit students with a email adress but not people with an email adress.

  • 'Allow Staff Access' can be used to give the support desk from Gather access to your space. Before you contact them, we advise you to send an email to our in-house support desk at!

  • Under ‘Guest List’ there are a couple of options that will allow you to edit your guest list. By adding anyone to the guest list, you will automatically lock the space for all other people (except for owners, administrators and builders). If you wish to reopen your space to everyone, you can simply remove the guest list again.

Your guest list has to be formatted as a .csv. This can be done in either Microsoft Excel or in Google Sheets. Format your file just like the image shown at the bottom of the 'Space Access' page. Make sure to save the file as a .csv file, instead of a standard .xls file.

Banned Users

The banned users tab shows you a list of all the users that have been banned from this space. Here you can also unban someone. It is not possible to ban someone from on this page. To ban someone they have to be online in your space. Here, you can right click their name and select the option 'Ban.'

Shut Down or Delete

This tab will allow you to shut down or delete your space. Shutting down your space just means that you will hide it from everyone but the owners of the space. Deleting the space actually leads to a permanent erasure of all data relating to your space.

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