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Creating a new space

What is a space?

A space is the overarching environment in which can build your rooms. A space dictates the settings for all the rooms that fall under it. This means that all the rooms inside your space will use the same URL, the same license, the same password and other settings.

Creating a new space

To create a new space in Gather, log in to your account on On the left side of your screen you will find a list of recent spaces. At the bottom of this list, you will find the button 'Create new space.' By clicking on this button, you will start the creation process.

After clicking on this button, a new screen will open where you can customize your space. You have three important choices to make:

  1. Select your template. The template is the room(s) you will start with once you have created your space. You can choose one of the many great templates that Gather offers by browsing the options on the left. You can also choose to start with a completely empty space by clicking on ‘Start from blank' and start with a copy of a space you already own by clicking on 'Copy from existing space.’

  2. Once you have chosen your template, it is time to choose a name. Please make sure you are content with the name, as you cannot change it later. The name will also be part of the url of your space.

  3. Lastly, you will have to indicate how you are going to use the space. This has no consequenses for the space. Gather just asks you this for statistical purposes. Once you have chosen an option, you can click on 'Create space' to create your space.

Are you not satisfied with any of the standard templates in Gather? You can also request a copy of one of the UG’s own spaces! For more information about this, please check this page.

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