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Using special tiles

In Gather you can make use of special tiles. These tiles will have special properties that normal tiles do not have. You can add special tiles in the map maker by selecting the Tile Mode (the x icon in the top left corner) like shown below.

The tiles

  1. Impassable Tile: These tiles are used to created borders. It is not possible to walk on these tiles. Use them for example on walls.

  2. Spawn Tile: This tile is the place a new user will enter the room. This is also the point you avatar will be teleported to after using the 'Reset Position' button.

  3. Portal Tile: Users who step on these tiles will be teleported to another room or another space. After placing this tile, you will be given a menu where you can select the desired destination. Use these tiles for example on doors.

  4. Private Space Tile: A private space tile can be used to create an area where only people within the area can hear and see each other. Each area has a number, which can be defined in the top right corner after selecting the 'Private Space Tile.' For an example of this look at the screenshot below.

  5. Spotlight Space Tile: Users who step on this tile will broadcast their video and audio to everyone in the room, not the space. Please not that this only works for a maximum of 100 users at the moment.

An example of a private space

A private space is an area where only people within the area can hear and see each other. Each area has a number to make them easy to identify. In the example room below we have created four private spaces. Only users within each area can talk to other users in that area.

Deleting tiles

In order to delete tiles in your room you will have to select 'Eraser Mode.' You can enter this mode by clicking on the eraser icon on the left, like shown here. When this mode is active, you can click on any tile in the room to delete it.

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